Umbrella Fishing Brackets

Umbrella Arms – Fishing Chair Brolly Clamp

As UK anglers we can be sat in brilliant sunshine and happily fishing away one minute, the next were being battered by gale force winds and lashed with torrential rain. This typical changeable weather is a pain in the arse for most fisherman, but some perverted sadomasochists (like me) actually enjoy it. The key to surviving extreme weather conditions and continue to catch fish, is preparation!

Carp anglers have learnt this lesson the hard way, and utilize bivvy shelters for protection from the elements on long fishing sessions. However, these are a bit bulky to carry around for day ticket fishing and the best compromise alternative is a fishing umbrella. In this article we’ll take a look at universal clamp and bracket attachments that secure your fishing brolly to a seat box or chair. These umbrella arm holders help provide more protection for you and your tackle from wind and rain. Let’s take a butchers…

Best fishing chair umbrella clamp?

You can buy good umbrella arms from big fishing gear brands like Angling Direct, Amazon, eBay, Preston Innovations, Cantilever, Daiwa, Matrix, Maver, Nufish, Drennan and Grandeslam online. The best fishing chair brolly clamps must be waterproof to prevent rusting, have well built fixtures and fittings, not made from cheap and flimsy plastic and ideally be adaptable to any fishing chair or seat box. Here’s my top 5 recommendations…

Why use a fishing umbrella bracket?

These simple chair attachments are the best way to keep fishing umbrellas upright and in position, even on very blustery days. It gets extremely annoying, and interrupts your fishing rhythm having to constantly readjust or chase down wayward brollies. Using a single or double umbrella bracket keeps the umbrella in an optimal weather protection position and allows you to concentrate on catching fish.

How to fit seat box umbrella arms?

Universal brolly arms are super easy to fit, and all versions I’ve reviewed are operated by unscrewing the clamps, slotting them over vertical bars on seatboxes or chair and tightening back up. The umbrella is then harnessed within the the remaining pole space. Here’s a handy video tutorial created by Nufish, on how to fit fishing umbrella brackets…

Types of fishing umbrella holder?

The screw on brackets are not the only fishing umbrella holders on the market, and you can even use a homemade DIY option if your looking for a free / cheap option. Even though purpose made brolly attachments cost under £10 or £20, you may have things lying around the house that could do the job just as well.

  • Zip ties
  • String / Rope
  • Gaffer tape
  • Single arm bracket
  • Double arm bracket
  • Umbrella ground spike
  • Flag pole holder
  • Parasol screw in base
  • Sun umbrella anchor
  • Sand filled umbrella base
  • Jubilee clips


A pro tip would be if you don’t want your fishing umbrella to go walk about at all, is use a combination of double arm bracket and a ground spike. The KOALA PRODUCTS Match Station® fishing chair umbrella clamp came at the top of my review table because of it’s superior build quality, the easy to use multi fit adjustable dual umbrella arms and the fact it swivels on chair or seat box to suit your desired position. Some of the others felt a bit flimsy, so I’d rather pay a little extra for a product that’s going to last much longer. Happy Fishing!

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