BUDEFO RAINBOW Spinning Casting Fishing Rod 1.68/1.98/2.1/2.28/2.4m 30TCarbon Travel Tow Tips Baitcasting Lure 4-35g ML/M/MH Rod


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Position: Ocean Beach Fishing

Position: LAKE

Position: River

Position: Reservoir Pond

Position: stream

Material: Carbon

Origin: Mainland China

Category: Lure Rod

Top Diameter: 1.8mm

Hardness: HARD

Action: FAST

Model Number: RAINBOW Spinning casting Fishing Rod

Model Name:: RAINBOW Spinning casting Lure Fishing Rod

Rod Length:: 1.68m, 1.98m, 2.13m, 2.28m.2.43m

Lure Weight:: 4-35g

Line Weight:: 2-80LB

Rod Type:: Casting,Spinning

Power M&MH(2 tips):: Medium & Medium Heavy

Power M&ML(2 tips):: Medium & Medium Light

RAINBOW CASTING SPINNING Lure Fishing Rod 1.68/1.98/2.13/2.28/2.43M

1. Our fishing rods have passed the safety fishing weight inspection before leaving the factory, please rest assured to buy.
2. made of 30T high-elastic carbon fiber cloth, with light hand feeling, good holding feeling and high strength.
3. There are two styles of double-slight and single-slight options. There are three hardnesses of ML/M/MH, which can be used for different weights and different types of fishing baits, suitable for various occasions.
4. shortened and easy to carry. The length is 1.68/1.98/2.1/2.28/2.4m to choose from.
5. appearance adopts environmentally friendly high-performance matte paint.
6. guide ring adopts the shape of KW+KT, and the LTS ultra-light and high-hardness magnetic ring.
7. Reserve a space of 10-15mm between the interfaces to ensure that there will be no jams during long-term use.
8. Stainless steel U-shaped bait hanger, easy to use.
9. Black nylon wheel seat.
10. Adopt separate two-stage grip, non-slip and comfortable.
11.tail end is made of electroplated metal aluminum parts, equipped with laser engraving, which is exquisite, beautiful and wear-resistant.
12.product is packaged with high-strength PVC tube to improve the safety during transportation and ensure that the product can be delivered to you intact.

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spin 2.43MHFS 2Tips, Csting 1.68MFC 1Tip, spin 2.28MFS 2Tips, spin 2.12MHFS 2Tips, Csting 2.28MFC 1Tip, Csting 2.12MHFC 1Tip, Csting 1.98MFC 1Tip, Csting 2.13MFC 1Tip, Csting 2.13MFC 2Tips, Csting 2.28MFC 2Tips, Csting 2.43MHFC 1Tip, Csting 1.98MFC 2Tips, Csting 2.12MHFC 2Tip, Csting 2.43MHFC 2Tip, spin 2.13MFS 1Tip, spin 2.28MFS 1Tip, Spin 1.98MFS 1Tip, Spin 1.98MFS 2Tips, spin 2.13MFS 2Tips, spin 2.12MHFS 1Tip, spin 2.43MHFS 1Tip


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