1M Telescopic Mini Portable Pocket Pen Carbon Reel Aluminum Alloy Spinning Ultralight Fish PoleSet (rod+wheel+accessories+wire)

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Position: Ocean Boat Fishing

Position: Ocean Rock Fshing

Position: Ocean Beach Fishing

Position: LAKE

Position: River

Position: Reservoir Pond

Position: stream

Position: Management Field

Material: FRP

Origin: Mainland China

Category: Boat/Raft Rod

Top Diameter: 15

Hardness: SOFT

Action: FAST

Model Number: 1MA+P

01: TelescopicPoleSet

02: Mini Portable Pocket Fishing Rod

03: Carbon Reel Aluminum Alloy PoleSet

04: Ultralight Fish PoleSet

05: Telescopic Mini Fishing Pole

06: Folded Fishing Rod With Set


Details of supporting goods:

1. A pen pole (1m)

2. One ST5-P high-strength nylon drum wheel (authentic product guaranteed)

3. A plate of 20m fishing line

4. A complete fishing accessory box (including 2 13mm ball floats, 2 floats, 2 lead hooks, and 2 single tail decoys)


Whole set weight: about 170G

The shrinking length of the pen rod is about 21cm, with 5 sections (excluding the handle section). The opening length is about 1m. The back handle and the pen rod body are made of pure aluminum alloy, and the rod body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics.

The supporting wheel is ST5-P high-strength plastic drum wheel, made of high-strength plastic, with a total length of 7.5cm, a body length of 4.5cm, a width of 3.2cm, and a net weight of 30g. There is a brake force adjustment knob at the end of the fishing boat without the handle, which can adjust the brake force. There is a black button on the side of the wheel with the handle, which can increase the friction when pressed. The wheel speed ratio is 2.1:1, and the line capacity is 0.18/60 (mm/m), 0.20/55 (mm/m), 0.25/40 (mm/m)this product: easy to carry, you can enjoy the fun of fishing at any time and anywhere, and you can catch it when you get it! If you or your relatives and friends are fishing people, this product is also your gift.

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