Seat Box Side Trays – Universal Seat Box Accessories

The best seat box spare side tray is one that can universally fit to multiple brands seat boxes, such as Preston, Matrix, Nufish, Daiwa, Shakespeare, Maver, Korum, Garbolino, Drennan Rive, Damiltech, Candence, Guru and Map. This large match station bait waiter does the job perfectly. Used as a specialist dry bait add on unit easily clips to seat boxes and chairs to help prevent you reaching down for accessories all the time while fishing.

The adjustable telescopic cushioned legs keep the tray level and sturdy and the bankside, making your bait boxes and feeder bags easy to reach. This speeds up how often you can feed a swim during a match fishing session, boosts catch rates, keeps tackle organized and provides a stable platform for bait preparation. It keeps your gear close to hand, and leaves plenty of space for other additions like wheels kits, drawer units, winders, foot plate and bendy corner awning pole support bars.

This sturdy big match station side tray is constructed of aluminium, making it lightweight and very strong. It takes the weight of heavy tackles boxes with ease, and the swivel mud feet (25, 30 & 36mm) with rear locking nuts keeps the unit horizontal even on the steepest banks. Great for all forms of fishing types… Including carp, coarse and predator fishing. You can buy this style of fishing side tray from various suppliers, but have found this to be the best universal fitting side tray for anglers on a budget.

No more looking around for your fishing gear, stop tripping over bait and tackle boxes when bait alarms sound and reduce back strain from constantly reaching rear to front. A good seat box side tray is a great addition to any fisherman’s arsenal, saving time, effort and stress while out fishing. Happy fishing everyone!

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