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Pole Winder Anchors – Pole Float Fishing Accessories

There are a million and one different technical aspects to the ever popular pole fishing phenomena, from setting up rigs and elastics, to chair rollers and side trays. The biggest craze at the moment is carp fishing on the pole, and you can easily get tips and advice by top anglers through videos and magazines online. As more and more match fisherman turn to pole fishing I thought It’d be useful to to write several article covering the more intricate side of pole fishing tackle. Today were going to take a closer look at what pole winder anchors are, what they’re used for and why they’re necessary for pole angling enthusiasts.

Best pole winder anchors?

Good pole winder anchors need the elastic latex rubber to stay stretchy and have a high resilience warping when wet or in high temperatures. They also require your float pole rigs kits to stay secure in the winders tray or storage box. It’s always best to buy in bulk (even-though they can be reused) from recognized fishing equipment brands like Daiwa, Matrix, Preston Innovations, Nufish, Rive, Stonfo, Map or Maver. I’ve selected the number 1 spot due to getting 5 times the amount of anchors for the same price, and are a very similar build quality. The one I’d go for as I’m prone to losing small fishing gear parts.

What is a pole winder anchor?

Pole winder anchors are small rubber gadgets for securing your pole rigs to winders. You can then slot them in to a winder tray to have pole rigs quickly to hand when you want to experiment with different hook size, elastics or leaders. They’re designed to prevent your rig stretching while not in use, and are one of the several components required for rigging up for a hard day’s pole fishing at home. The name is derived from the anchor shaped protruding clip at one end of the elastic strand.

How to use a pole winder anchor?

Winder anchors are very simple to use, all anglers need to do after wrapping the rig on to the winder is slip the anchor shaped end through the loop you created at the non hook end of your rig, and then use the hole at the other end of the anchor to secure line to small plastic spike at the base of your winder. I’ve looked online for a video tutorial on how to connect a pole winder anchor with no luck, so will create one myself when I get chance.

DIY pole winder anchor hack!

Even though you can buy 50 – 100 winder anchors for a few quid, you can save a little cash by using home made pole winder anchors. Get yourself a bag of elastic bands of similar length to an old anchor, and a bag of plastic coated paper clips.

  • Tie a knot in one end of an elastic band, to create a small loop. This hole will be what you use to hook the band on to the winders plastic spike.
  • Unravel a paper clip and flatten it down with a pair of pliers. Fold the clip in half to add extra strength, and by bending the two ends towards and beyond each other, create a bow shape. This paper clip bow can be slid on to the clear end of your elastic band to be used as the anchor.


Getting your tackle spot on, especially when match fishing will help you catch more fish, it really is that simple! Pole winder anchors are a small, yet integral part of preparing your pole fishing gear. They keep your float rigs organized and ready to use, and in turn speed up rig change over times waterside. This may seem like a lot of overkill effort for an angler like me, who fishes for pleasure, but for sport fisherman could make all the difference on the day.

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