Net Bags – Fishing Landing & Keep Net Stink Bags

Fishing net bags are an often overlooked essential component of an anglers fishing tackle armory. Storing your keep and landing nets in a purpose built waterproof air tight bag, stops that stinky stagnated water smell overpowering the car and house, plus they also protect fishing nets from being accidentally torn and damaged. In this article we’ll go in to why fisherman require net bags, some interesting alternative uses and what to look out for when purchasing a decent one. Let’s get going…

Best fishing nets bags?

Good nets bags need to be highly practical and functional. Buy a net carryall with shoulder straps, made from waterproof, wipe clean, hard wearing material, large enough for 2 x 3m landing or keep nets, durable zips and fasteners, room for landing net heads, hook release mat, weighing loops and air tight to keep that stink contained. I went with the “Shakespeare Agility” after reading the reviews, but the top 5 I’d recommend based on my research are…

Do I need a waterproof keepnet bag?

The simple answer is yes! Waterproof keep net bags prevent disgusting smelly water dripping all over the car boot and expensive carpet floors at home. Keepnets are difficult to fully dry out, as their meshed design traps moisture, plant life and bacteria. You may be fine on a hot summers day, giving it a few hours in the sun to dry, but as we know such weather is not a given in the UK. Zipping your keepnet up in a self contained bag removes the stinky dripping problem and makes it easier to carry.

Why use a landing net stink bag?

The main reason is to keep the other half happy! Need I say more? Lakes and ponds produce a strong smelling odour when the bottom is disturbed. Dead fish, rotten vegetation, bait waste, high ammonia or nitrogen levels and imbalanced bacteria levels all combine to manufacture this pong. A landing net stink bag is the best way of containing this pungent smell, without the hassle of jet-washing your landing net after each fishing trip. Stink bags also protect your net from possible rips and tears.

Other uses for keep net bags?

Waterproof keep net bags can also come in handy in other ways. An example is when the ice blocks melt in your fishing cool bag, you can place items (beer, water, food or bait) in to your stink bag, zip it up and submerge in the lake or river to keep contents cool. I’ve also used my net bag to mix dry particle baits when I forgot a bucket and didn’t prepare enough at home. You can also use keep net bags to store anything smelly, like rubbish and food waste until you get chance to dispose of it properly.

Do you need a large fishing net bag?

Your fishing net bag should be at least large enough to store a landing net and a keep net. It make sense to keep the 2 fishing tackle items, that have most contact with potentially smelly substances in the same carryall. That being said there are some extra large net bags on the market that can store 4 or even 6 big landing nets, which are ideal if your going fishing with a group of friends or plan to fish several pegs at the same time. However, the largest keepnet bags will be much more expensive.

Where to buy good fishing net bags?

Unfortunately, the tackle shop near me didn’t stock landing net stink bags, but you may have better luck, so still worth checking out. Not to worry though, as It’s very easy to buy good and affordable net bags online. Be prepared to spend a few quid extra for a high quality landing net bag, It’ll last longer and do the job much better. Top fishing tackle brands have net bag lines, which are designed and tested with angling at the forefront.

Recommended fishing net bag brands:

  • Maver

  • Preston Innovations

  • Matrix

  • Korum

  • Daiwa

  • Guru

  • Drennan

  • Shakespear

  • Greys

How to make your own landing net stink bag?

It’s very easy and cheap to make your own fishing net bag. You may not win any style points, but if all your worried about is containing that stink during transportation or storage, then the DIY hack is for you. Get yourself a roll of thick heavy duty garden waste bags and a pack of zip ties from your local hardware store. Place one plastic bag within another to make it double thickness, place your damp landing and keepnet inside and use two zip ties to tightly seal the end… Simple, yet effective!


As mentioned, I spent under £20 on my Shakespeare Agility net bag over a year ago and It’s still going strong. Unlike it’s boxier counterparts the flatter construction allows it to be rolled up and tucked away when not in use, and I’ve found the stitching and zip to be strong and keeps unpleasant odours at bay. Using peripheral fishing gear like landing nets bags, helps remove the minor inconveniences of angling, and let’s us get on with the fun fishing aspect. Happy Fishing!

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