Imitation Fishing Baits – Best Artificial Bait for…

Imitation Fishing Baits

I’m a big fan of using imitation fishing baits for all types of fish species, including predator fish like pike and perch, plus non predatory coarse fish such as carp, skimmer bream, tench, barbel and chub. Artificial baits come in all shapes and sizes, from brightly coloured crankbait lure like plugs, spinners, jerkbaits and spoons, … Read more

Seat Box Side Trays – Universal Seat Box Accessories

Seat Box Side Trays

The best seat box spare side tray is one that can universally fit to multiple brands seat boxes, such as Preston, Matrix, Nufish, Daiwa, Shakespeare, Maver, Korum, Garbolino, Drennan Rive, Damiltech, Candence, Guru and Map. This large match station bait waiter does the job perfectly. Used as a specialist dry bait add on unit easily … Read more

Best 1 Man Bivvy – Top Day Shelter and Night Fishing Tent

Fishing Bivvy

Which is the best 1 man bivvy day shelter and night fishing tent on the market? It offer much more protection from the wind, rain or sun during the day, plus the strong reinforced, waterproof material keeps you warm and dry at night. Specially design for our unpredictable weather, this bivvy is quick and easy … Read more

Best Fly Box – Ideal Storage for Dry Flies and Streamers

Fly Boxes

What is the best fly box for storing your salmon and trout flies. The ideal storage box for dry flies and streamers. The large, waterproof, foam lined and high grade injection moulded plastic is gasket lined to keep compartments air-tight. Unlike traditional wooden designs, this well made specialist fly box is configured to securely and … Read more