Bivvy Tables – Best Carp Fishing Accessories

Making a long carp fishing session as comfortable as possible is an important angling skill in it’s own right. Yes, your bivvy tent keeps you dry and protected from the elements, but it’s those finishing touches and accessories that allow you to concentrate on the fishing. In this blog post we’re taking a look at bivvy tables and how having this simple product can assist in you catching more carp and help you relax when bite alarms are quite. We’ll cover what bivvy tables are, where to buy quality bivvy tables and how bivvy tables can make your fishing time on the bank easier. Let’s get started shall we…

What is the best bivvy table on the market?

Whether your looking for a budget camping table or a fully equipped purpose built high tech bivvy table with power bank, there are a few things to look out for. The best bivvy tables are compact, have folding or removable legs for easy storage, corrosion resistant, height adjustable legs for uneven ground stability, raised table rim to prevent accidentally knocking things off and of sturdy construction. Here’s my list of the top 5 recommended bivvy tables on the market today…

What is a bivvy table?

In the small confines of a fishing bivvy shelter, It’s difficult to keep gear organized and easily to hand. A bivvy table helps anglers de-clutter, provides a level solid surface for tying rigs, preparing and eating a spot of lunch, plus a place to mix spod and groundbait particles. Bivvy tables usually come with foldable legs, are lightweight and small, making them easy to carry and setup on the bank. You can also use a bivvy table as an alternative match fishing bait table. Set it up next to your chair to keep bait and other tackle in arms reach. It’s these small time saving touches that professional carp anglers have built in the their fishing routines, and a good habit to adopt.

Where to buy bivvy tables?

You can buy decent bivvy tables online or at your local tackle shop. Look out for known fishing brands like Fox, Trakker, Ridgemonkey, Avid, Nash, TF Gear, Hardwear, Banshee and NGT. You can also purchase bivvy tables from Aldi, eBay, Go Outdoors and Amazon. Shop around and look for reduced price deals, and remember quality products last longer, so work out cheaper over time… Bivvy tables are no different in this respect.

What is the largest fishing bivvy table?

Most bivvy tables are small in stature to snugly fit in the limited space of bivvy shelters. However, if your rocking a big 2 man bivvy or even a lager camping tent, you may require a larger bivvy table. The biggest bivvy table available is the NGT Large Dynamic Carp Bivvy Table measuring 24” L x 13″ W x 14″ H. It comes with folding legs, adjustable mud feet and is of sturdy full metal construction. You may be looking for something even bigger, in that case I’d suggest checking out camping tables, which will provide more useable surface area, at the expense of stability.

Can I use a match fishing bait table?

Yes, if your lugging around a seat box side tray for your match station, there’s no reason why you couldn’t connect It to a support bar inside your bivvy. It may be a little tricky eating your dinner off, but would be sturdy enough to organize bait and rigs. Similar to a glorified shelf, rather than a table. However, if you plan on killing to birds with one stone, go for an all metal well made fishing bait table like the universal fitting KOALA PRODUCTS side tray.


Are you crazy about carp fishing? Then owning the best gear and accessories is part of the fun! Even though a bivvy table saves small increments of time, it soon mounts up over the coarse of session, leaving you valuable extra minutes to concentrate on the important aspects that actually catch fish. When I go carp fishing I like to use my bivvy table as my tech center, putting a power bank underneath and use the table for (mostly) my laptop and phone. Being able to watch a film or listen to music really adds an extra dimension to those quite fishing moments. Happy Fishing!

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