Best Fly Box – Ideal Storage for Dry Flies and Streamers

What is the best fly box for storing your salmon and trout flies. The ideal storage box for dry flies and streamers. The large, waterproof, foam lined and high grade injection moulded plastic is gasket lined to keep compartments air-tight. Unlike traditional wooden designs, this well made specialist fly box is configured to securely and safely store fishing flies without getting tangled, prevent crushing, reduce hackles and stop reverse bending.

This small compact protective fly box is great for organizing and finding your fly patterns, keeping them in perfect condition, stopping them from getting damaged… Even tube flies.  You can easily carry this fly box in your vest pocket or with the belt clip, to your favorite freshwater, or saltwater fishing spots. Keen anglers can trust this watertight fly box to keep flies protected, and the divided flat, ridged and slotted foam lining makes changing to a new fly quick and easy, important when competition fishing.

There’s no point buying a cheap and tacky see through plastic fly box, if it’s going to fall to bits, and wooden or aluminium alloy boxes can rot or corrode after prolonged periods in damp conditions. Yes, there competitor brands who produce a range fly boxes and wallets, such as C&F, Airflo, Kingfisher, Umpqua, Hardy and Wheatly. However, the number one choice was by far the most robust and practical for various fly sizes and types.

After spending hours tying the perfect trout and salmon flies at home, your can store them in this fly box with total peace of mind. You can find the fly fishing box for sale on Amazon and eBay online shops and with fast shipping times. The ideal companion for your stillwater or stream fishing gear like forceps, slim reel cases, trout bag and fly fishing scissors. Enjoy your new professional fly box!

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