Split Rings – Components for Pike Fishing Lures

Fishing Split Ring Advice

So, what the heck are fishing split rings? Welcome to the wonderful world of predator fishing! You may recognize angling terms such as spinner blades, swivels, lures, crankbaits traces and jerkbaits. However, when it comes to the assembly of these fishing bait components, there’s another hidden world of technical jargon to digest. Splits rings are … Read more

Net Bags – Fishing Landing & Keep Net Stink Bags

Fishing Net Bags Review

Fishing net bags are an often overlooked essential component of an anglers fishing tackle armory. Storing your keep and landing nets in a purpose built waterproof air tight bag, stops that stinky stagnated water smell overpowering the car and house, plus they also protect fishing nets from being accidentally torn and damaged. In this article … Read more

Silicone Tubing – Best Carp Fishing Rig Tubing (#1)

Fishing Silicone Tubing

The carp angling world is full of mad scientists, constantly pushing the boundaries and experimenting with ever evolving rig setups and bait combination theories. In this article we’ll take a look at silicone tubing and how carp anglers are using it to catch bigger fish, more consistently. Fishing silicone tubing can be used in a … Read more

Cool Bags – Best Carp Fishing Coolers

Carp Fishing Cool Bags

When anglers are on the bank for prolonged periods of time, such as when carp fishing, a decent cool bag to keep milk for a brew, sandwiches, fruit, vegetables and bait fresh can be a god send. Keeping water or a cheeky beer chilled on hot summer days will help reduce your core temperature, allowing … Read more

Furs and Hair – Best Fly Tying Materials UK (#1)

Fly Fishing Furs and Hair

The age old art of tying an artificial fly takes precision, patients, creativity and the correct materials. The joy of catching trout or salmon on a fly you’ve tied yourself, is an emotion every angler should experience at least once. In this blog post we’re focusing on furs and hair, a vital component of the … Read more

Bait Elastic – Best Pike Fishing Deadbait Tactics

Bait Elastic Guide

This bait elastic guide is for all you pike fishing enthusiasts out-there! One of the most effective pike bait rigs is fishing a twin set treble hook trace with a dead bait. Traditionally you hook one of the trebles in to the deadbaits head and tail, but the hook presentation can get messed up while … Read more

Bivvy Tables – Best Carp Fishing Accessories

Bivvy Tables Review

Making a long carp fishing session as comfortable as possible is an important angling skill in it’s own right. Yes, your bivvy tent keeps you dry and protected from the elements, but it’s those finishing touches and accessories that allow you to concentrate on the fishing. In this blog post we’re taking a look at … Read more

Fishing Particles – Spod and Groundbait Mix Guide

Fishing Particles Guide

It’s very difficult to catch in a swim with no fish! A tried and tested method developed over the years adopted by anglers, is laying a bed of groundbait particles to lure in fish. The smell, texture and colours of particles, act as an attractive beacon to hungry carp and other species, drawing them ever … Read more

Umbrella Arms – Fishing Chair Brolly Clamp

Umbrella Fishing Brackets

As UK anglers we can be sat in brilliant sunshine and happily fishing away one minute, the next were being battered by gale force winds and lashed with torrential rain. This typical changeable weather is a pain in the arse for most fisherman, but some perverted sadomasochists (like me) actually enjoy it. The key to … Read more

Long Nose Fishing Pliers – Best Angling Hook Removal Tool

Long Nose Fishing Pliers

An unsung hero of fishing tackle boxes, the humble long nose fishing pliers. I’ve always recommend to beginners that owning a pair of highly versatile fishing forceps are a must for starter fishing kits. Anglers can use them as a make shift disgorger, removing difficult hooks and lures whilst pike or sea fishing and are … Read more