Danny Shaw Hey guys and girls! I’m Danny, based out of the home of Robin Hood… Nottingham. I’m “currently” an angling novice and am going to journal everything I learn about fishing, and share those important tips and tricks I find on this blog.

The aim is to hopefully help other fishing beginners and galvanize my understanding of the 100’s of techniques, species, bait, rigs and equipment variations.

We have some beautiful fishing spots in and around Nottinghamshire, but I do plan to travel to new locations throughout the UK to catch fish.

At every stage documenting and reviewing the new and varied waters, types of fish caught and gear used. I really hope you enjoy following my angling journey and pick up a few new fishing skills yourself, from my digital rambling. Now, let’s get out there, and catch some fish!

Fishing Club

I’ve also started a fishing club, where me and friends teach people to fish, show them around the best fishing spots in Nottingham and provide accommodation advice for fishing trips. It’s early days! However, I hope to expand the fishing guide and tutorial side of the business, once I’ve built up a solid amount fishing articles on this website, and more interest is shown by anglers around the country. Stay tuned for more details.!

Danny Shaw, 431 Mansfield Rd, Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 2DQ, +4407501663735